One more ransomware virus was found by MalwareHunterTeam that names itself Smash! Ransomware and makes use of a lovely picture of the Super Mushroom from Super Mario Bros.

Not a real ransomware

Although it wants to be a ransomware and calls itself so, and even threatens to erase your data files, in fact, this virus is just a screen-locker and cannot delete files or anything else from your PC. Moreover, most of the features are still not programmed at all. This is either a badly coded software or an experimental variant.

Smash! in action

When launched, the Smash! is going to show several consecutive notes aimed at welcoming you to the application. Once you get to the final screen and click OK, the malware will show another window with a timer named File Kill Timer and asks you to type a seven-digit code to stop deleting the files and uninstall the program.

Poor coding

At the time of writing, you may enter any code in that box; the result is going to be the same, clicking the button won't work at all. The matter is the computer operation that corresponds to pressing the button is now just blank. On top of that, once the timer goes down it is going to modify its screen to indicate ransomware is removing files from the machine. In fact, it is doing nothing again. The application is unable to delete documents, or folders or anything else.

What does presently function is the feature that blocks specific applications from launching. For instance, if you attempt to start the Task Manager or CMD, the malware will stop the process and show a note saying that the application is blocked.


Without harmful features and by utilizing Super Mario Bros theme, the Smash! Ransomware is funny rather than dangerous.

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Since this virus does not modify an Autostart, you may basically reboot your PC, and the malware will not start on Windows login. Update your antivirus then scan and delete the malware.

Watch the Smash! Ransomware in action:

Keep in mind that other ransomware viruses are usually very dangerous. Viruses like Thor may lock your files forever, and without paying the ransom, you are not going to be able to decrypt your data. It is better to be prepared for such threats by making regular backups of all files.