'Pokémon Sun and Moon' starters

"Pokémon Sun and Moon" will change everything you thought you knew about Pokémon. That may be a bit of an overstatement, but it will shake up some of the things from the original game. For one thing, there will be new Starters.


If grass-types are your thing, Rowlet is your Pokémon. This little owl knows Leafage from the beginning of the "Sun and Moon" games. Leafage is similar to Razor Leaf from the older games, and can hit enemies with leaves. Keep in mind that Rowlet evolves into Dartrix, who can be quite a handful.

Rowlet evolution: Dartrix

Dartrix is obsessed with its appearance, and will leave a battle if it’s feathers aren’t groomed well.

Luckily, this obstacle can be overcome by good training, and Dartrix will become super strong if trained right! Pokemon trainers, brace yourselves!

Dartrix evolution: Decidueye

Finally, "Sun And Moon" introduces Decidueye. This flying/ghost type is an evolution of Dartrix, and has a pretty sweet ability called Spirit Shackle that only it can learn. Using Spirit Shackle stops an enemy trainer from switching out or fleeing.

Special abilities

All three of these beasts have the Overgrow ability as well. Bulbapedia mentions that this power increases the strength of grass moves by a whopping 50% when the creature is at 1/3 or less of their max health (using an example formula: 100 base damage*.50=50 50+100=new damage of 150).

Additionally, only grass types can have OverGrow.


Litten is a ball of fire, quite literally. This guy may be tiny, but he can pack a punch by breathing out flaming hairballs. Litten begins knowing Ember, which is a powerful attack for a starter. Litten also has the Blaze ability. This ability is the same as OverGrow, but for fire types.

It powers up the fire creature’s fire-type attacks by 50% when the pokémon is within 1/3 of its maximum health.


Torracat is very much like Litten in personality, and can be impulsive at times. However, if you can tame it, Torracat is very strong and can make you happy you picked Litten as your starter.

The Blaze ability also carries over from Litten to Torracat.


If you thought Torracat was hard to control, wait til you meet Incineroar. When this guy gets into the heat of battle, he can attack the opposing trainer! Incineroar also comes with a special ability called Darkest Lariat that only it can learn. Interestingly, this allows it to deal damage while ignoring the status effects that enemy pokémon have on them.


Finally, we come to the water type starter Poplio, who looks almost like a Poliwag with a longer neck and body, and can shoot balls of water at opponents. As you might expect, it also starts the game out with the Water Gun attack. Finally, Poplio gets the Torrent ability, which does for water attacks what Blaze does for fire attackers.

Whenever Poplio has 1/3 or less of its maximum health left, its water-type attacks will become more powerful by 50%.

Poplio’s evolution: Brionne

This little rising star loves to dance. In fact, it loves dancing so much, it can distract opponent pokémon in battle by dancing! Once the enemy’s attention is diverted, Brionne can use its dance to create balloons that then attach to enemy pokémon and explode. Not bad! Brionne also carries the Torrent ability over from Poplio.

Brionne’s evolution: Primarina

In keeping with the theme of performance art, Primarina can make balloons by dancing and control them using its voice. An injury to Primarina’s throat can thus be a real showstopper, and not in a good way.

This new "Sun and Moon" Pokémon is definitely one of the more interesting ones.

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