Since "Pokémon GO" appeared in the middle of this year in the mobile world, it went through a great revolution, as it involved an interaction never before seen between an application and reality, through a Smartphone.

The initial impact was devastating, as it became the most downloaded application in many countries and gave the respective royalties to its creators by millions of users worldwide, who used the augmented reality application.


Well, this was well known by Niantic. That is why today he takes some time to say “thank you” to us, and the best way to do that is : announcing the biggest event so far.

The great announcement

Through its official twitter account, "Pokémon Go" announced a new event in thanks to the users who have given so much satisfaction for the application and for having always been such loyal followers of the franchise.


They have also introduced the Pokémon world to those who were not so fanatical. This event will take place from November 23 to 30 and this means that any interaction made in the game actually gives us a double experience (XP) compared to the usual status quo. Players will be able to achieve the next level and follow the progression of the game much faster than usual.

Is it the only way to get more XP?

Although, there is an option to double the experience within the game by activating an easter egg, it is only given in the first levels, in order to help beginners to reach higher levels in a faster way.

Out of these first levels, the only way to acquire double the experience is through the purchase of the mentioned items, which in the store embedded in the game has a cost of 80 coins, which can be obtained from the smaller pack (100 coins) for 0.99 dolllars. Of course while buying a bigger pack, the greater the savings, whether we refer to the coins or the easter eggs.

But the big disadvantage of these objects that can be bought, is that they only allow you to duplicate the gained experience for only 30 minutes, which we will have permanently during the event.

So, it’s time for dusting off our hunting clothes and start to explore the "Pokémon World" again.

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