According to the tech news site Neowin, the Canadian division of the American toy and video game retailer Toys “R” Us might have potentially revealed the price for Nintendo’s highly anticipated hybrid console, Switch.

Nintedo Switch could be much cheaper than originally expected

If the latest rumors surrounding the new console turn out to be true, the Nintendo Switch might actually be far less expensive than originally anticipated. Since its reveal, there has been much speculation on how much it will cost, considering its unique concept and appeal for both console and mobile gamers. In an online post of the product, Toys “R” Us Canada lists the console as having a price of $329.99 Canadian dollars.

That’s the equivalent of $244 USD, €225 EUR or £194 GBP.

This would put the price on par with that of the Wii (which was $250 at launch) when it first launched back in 2006. This price is also lower than that of Nintendo’s previous home console, the Wii U, which sold for about $300 when it launched in 2012, and on par with that of Nintendo’s 3DS when it was first available on the worldwide retail market in March 2011.

However, these figures don’t take into account certain elements such as the tax that would be applied based on what country the product will be sold in, but now we at least have an idea on how much we can expect to pay for Nintendo’s quirky new console. Even if the price goes up a bit because of shipment taxes and other such factors, the chances that the console’s overall price will be well below that of $300 USD are high.

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This would be a smart move for Nintendo to appeal to the casual market. The small price, coupled with the hybrid nature of the console which allows gamers to play on their TV screens or on the go (similar to a handheld console), could make the Switch a massive hit among Nintendo enthusiasts and casual consumers alike.

Nintendo will fire on all cylinders

But the unique design of the console is not the only thing to get excited about. Nintendo has teased that games belonging to some of their most beloved franchise will come to the Switch. In the trailer for the Switch there was a brief glimpse of a brand new 3D Mario game. Game Freak, one of Nintendo’s third party developers, has also teased that they might develop a Pokemon RPG game for the Switch in the near future, a game which some fans speculate will be an enhanced port of Pokemon Sun & Moon, which will be available for the Nintendo 3DS this Friday. Moreover, the highly anticipated next installment in the Zelda series, titled The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will appear on both Wii U and Switch.

The Nintendo Switch, which during development was codenamed NX, was officially unveiled to public eyes on October 20 this year with a teaser showcasing some features that were posted on Twitter and Youtube. The actual price of the console will be officially revealed on January 12, at the “Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017” event, which will be organized by Nintendo in Tokyo. Besides announcing the price, features and exact launch date, Nintendo will also allow participants to get a hands-on look at some of the games that will be available for the console at launch or in the near future. Nintendo Switch is scheduled to be released in March 2017.