According to reports posted on gaming website LetsPlayVideoGames, the newest title in the "Zelda" franchise, titled "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," might not be finished in time to launch with the Nintendo Switch in March 2017. One of the two sources from which this information was taken by the LetsPlayVideoGames news site was also the same one that informed the press about the Nintendo Switch trailer before the Japanese company made the official announcement.

'Breath of the Wild' might not arrive in March 2017

According to many rumors that are circulating around the internet, "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" might not make it in time with the Nintendo Switch’s release date, and judging from the sources that are letting this information slip, this could turn from rumor to confirmation in no time.

This will obviously come as a disappointment for many fans of Nintendo’s long running franchise. "Legend of Zelda" is one of Nintendo’s flagship franchises, alongside "Mario," "Pokemon," and "Metroid." "Zelda" games have appeared on all of Nintendo’s home consoles and most of Nintendo’s handheld consoles (with the exception of the short-lived Virtual Boy, which was a commercial failure). The games in the series have also been consistent when it comes to quality, so the launch of a new "Zelda" game is always cause for celebration among Nintendo fans and gamers in general.

This could be the main reason why Nintendo is taking a longer development time with the game, in order to ensure that the game adheres to the standards of quality set by previous games in the series. "Breath of the Wild" might have some big shoes to fill.

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'Skyrim,' 'Mario' and 'Splatoon' could be launch titles instead

Still, the absence does not necessarily mean Nintendo doesn’t have other tricks up its sleeve for the Switch launch. The same reports that suggest the new "Zelda" won’t come in March also report that there may be other big titles available at launch.

According to these reports, the 3D "Mario" game that people saw in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer is already nearing completion and will be available as a day one purchase! The game is said to resemble the free-form nature of games like "Super Mario 64." The source also suggests that there will be local co-op multi-player.

Two other possible surprise titles available at launch are "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" and a new version of Nintendo’s popular online third-person shooter "Splatoon."While "Skyrim's" developer, Bethesda Studios, have not yet confirmed that the title is in development for the console (despite it appearing in the Switch reveal trailer), sources say it is going to be part of the new console’s library of games.

It is currently unknown if the version in question is a simple port, or a re-master.

As for the "Spaltoon," the sources suggest that it will feature a new 1-on-1 versus mode that will take advantage of the console’s wireless multi-player and mobile nature.

Nintendo will release more information about their new console next year, on January 12, during their "Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017.”