October’s favorite Kickstarter may have been the Fidget Cube, a throwback to vintage toys, but November's CHiP is anything but vintage. Take a break from politics and focus on something that’s really important: cookies. A piece of tech right out of either Star Trek or a Spy Kids movie, the CHiP Smart Cookie Oven is going to be every adult’s favorite new gadget. Combined with the nostalgia of millions and the fact that the device works far better than an Easy Bake Oven lightbulb ever has, CHiP will have everyone reaching for their wallets.


What is CHiP?

CHiP the Smart Cookie Oven is quite self-explanatory—it's a smart oven specifically designed to bake cookies! And who doesn’t like cookies? The issue is that not everyone can make cookies. Sure, you follow the recipe to the letter, but somehow they always come out burnt. Maybe your oven cooks weirdly, or you simply forgot that they were baking, but the result is constantly the same: wasted cookie dough and sadness.


It can work in a similar vein to a Keurig—yes, you can indeed buy CHiP premade cookie dough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own! The smart oven has plenty of customizable features, so no worries if you prefer chewy or crispy. There’s also the added bonus of deciding exactly when they start baking, within 4 hours. The treats only take 10 minutes or less to bake. Maybe you know you’re going to have a long, grueling day—what better way to reward yourself than by coming home to warm, melt-in-your mouth chocolatey goodness?

This is truly a guilt free purchase—they even use environmentally-friendly packaging, and are in the process of figuring out how to use biodegradable parchment paper. Their dough options range from gluten-free to vegan to kosher. They really are for everyone!

This sounds too good to be true. Is it?

Don’t worry—this is a legitimate piece of technology, featured on ABC News, food & Wine, Yahoo!, the Daily Mail, FoxNews.com, USA Today, and many other news sites—it isn’t a scam.

CHiP can even synch up to Smart Home systems like Alexa, and has a 1-year warranty.

At a total of $55,000 pledged in 10 days, the project is already halfway to its goal, with 19 days left. Do yourself a favor: treat yourself.

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