Social media networking remains one of the most popular activities today and carried out over several platforms. In the most recent survey published by PRC confirmed that close to 80 percent of adult users in the United States (U.S) used Facebook. The parent company of Instagram, Facebook, averaged 32 percent usage followed by Pinterest with 31 percent, and LinkedIn with a close 29 percent. Meanwhile, Twitter topped out at 24 percent trailing the rest of the usual suspects.

Growth and usage distribution by social media channel

The growth rate has been astronomical for Mark Zuckerberg´s company.

There is no denying they have rapidly evolved and adapted their services on mobile including other important platforms in the marketplace. Compared to PECs study in 2015 Facebook usage increased seven percent. The platform once upon a time thought to be reserved for the younger adults or college students now has 62 percent of online adults ages 65 and older joining the service.

Separately, Instagram usage is between the ages of 18-29, which equals six out of every ten. In other words, 60 percent of users now are active on this site. In addition, exactly 32 percent of internet users in the U.S are active on Instagram. Twitter on the other hand has stagnated in growth. They too have 24 percent of internet users and have experienced just a one percent growth.

Pinterest similarly has 31 percent of internet users, which is the identical figure PEC recorded the year before.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, continued to grow. They captured 29 percent of users and grew from 25 percent in 2015. This platform has become a go-to source for not just content, but harnessing business opportunities.

It is clear from the previous figures social media network remains very popular for adults in the U.S and Facebook clings to the top spot.

Fake news controversy and backlash of Facebook

Facebook has been pushing the envelope on innovation. At the same time, it is no stranger to controversies. It is currently embroiled in a Fake News debate, which forced the company to make changes to the platform recently.

The Nieman Journalism Lab reported the incident. In their analysis, the Washington Post pointed out a site named falsely claimed that President Elect Donald Trump had won the popular vote.

The New York Times goes into great detail of other related incidents and indeed Zuckerberg claimed this was a problem coming from both sides of the presidential campaign. The news item also confirmed the firing of editors from Facebook who were responsible for cracking down on fake news stories.

The above Yahoo report sheds light how the company is facing backlash in light of the outcome for U.S presidential elections.

Furthermore, the excessive number of fabricated news may have influenced voters to cast their ballot in favor of Trump.

Takeaways and conclusions

It is wonderful news that Facebook has continued to dominate the social networking sphere. But during its short history it has been embroiled in a number of controversies and this is another incident to add to the list. The company will have to resolve this lack of transparency because this could encourage users to permanently leave the platform.

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