A Facebook Live post by IFL Science magazine about real time Earth’s population has gone super Viral with over 66k live viewers, 121k likes, 13k comments, and 56k shares in just an hour. Still Live this minute, all these figures are rapidly mounting upwhile the accuracy of the counter is being continuously questioned.

I Fucking Love Science or “IFL Science” is a science magazine that like its controversial name focuses all types of crazy and weird updates scientific discoveries. As I logged into my account today, I saw this post sitting on the top of my Facebook Feed and I was thrilled by the figures itinerating both on the Earth’s population counters and Facebook views, likes, comments, and shares.

The figures shown by the Facebook Live post are estimates based on data retrieved from organizations like United Nations Population Division (UNDP), World Health Organization(WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Monetary Fund (IMF), andWorld Bank. Earth’s population counter is fed to an algorithm which in return changing the counter accordingly.

Putting Earth’s Population counter on a Facebook Live post

"IFL Science" is perhaps trying to get people’s attention to the issue of Earth’s exploding population, increasing at an unbelievably fast rate. While the counter shows exponential growth in real time, which commentators keep doubting, the resources and necessities of life are only expanding at geometrical rate.

China alone shares 1.3 billion out of the total 7.5 billion people on the planet.

Super viral: "IFL Science" Live post stats on the 61st minute

Right at the time when the IFL Science's Facebook post had elapsed 01:01 (hh:mm), I screen grabbed the stats and posted it on Twitter. The comments were being added up so fast, the feed was literally cascading like a waterfall and it was getting hard to catch up on them.

The fact that the Facebook Live Post by the science magazine had been sitting on the top of their Facebook Page’s Feed earned it so many likes, shares and comments.

Are the Earth’s population figures shown in the Facebook Live Post accurate?

The figures are being fed from a Worldometers, a statistics website that serves real-time world stats.

"Worldometers showsestimated current numbersbased on statistics and projections from the most reputable official organizations," the FAQ page of the statistics site clarifies and lists UNDP, WHO, FAO, IMF, and World Bank as featured data sources.

The website further claims that their counters (not explicitly the Earth’s population counter) have been licensed for the likes of United Nations Conference Rio+20, BBC News, U2 concert, World Expo, and prestigious museums and events worldwide. Additionally, their data has been “cited as a source in over1400 published books” and over 800 professional journal articles.

So while the Earth’s population counter may not boast pinpoint accurate figures, it certainly drove the IFL Science’s Facebook Live post soaring to the sky.

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