"Call of Duty Infinite Warfare" has been on sale in PS4, Xbox One and PC since last November 4, but as we do not want you to have any problems when exploring all the new stuff that comes with the new shooter from Infinity Ward and Activision, today, we bring and share with you, a new way for getting pieces that enhance your weapons.

Next, we will detail the new easy way for getting these important and appreciated pieces, enhancing our weapons so that we can get the best in the game without wasting time.

Let’s see below.

How to get parts to upgrade weapons?

The easiest way to get new parts to upgrade weapons in "Call of Duty Warfare" is completing Infinite multiplayer games, but it is not the only way to make our weapons even more powerful. There are other easy ways to upgrade our weapons. Below, we show you some more tips to get it done.

How to get salvage?

1- Mission team rewards

2- Salvage may be in “Common” or “Rare” supply drops

3- Bonus Salvage guaranteed in “Rare” supply drops

4- Daily login bonuses

5- Duplicate items are burned down into Salvage

As you can see in the five steps above, other ways of getting parts to improve weapons are through packages of rare and common supplies, which sometimes hide pieces of weapons, or by rewards for daily logins.

We have already played the new shooter from Activision, and we can tell you that we found the main campaign, the new zombie mode and the multiplayer section in our analysis "Warfare Call of Duty Infinity."

Additional information

The new title from Activision, "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare," has managed to get to the top, selling nothing more and nothing less than 105,764 units during its first week on sale on the desktop Sony.

This has surpassed even the expected "Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2," which is now in the second position with 66,035 copies on PlayStation 4. Please remember that "Infinite Warfare CoD" is one of the games that takes advantage of the additional power of PS4 Pro, and the new model is already available on PS4. You can get it now in stores. It is good to remember that Black Friday is coming, so you can take this opportunity to get your PS4cheaper.

I hope this note has been useful and will keep you enjoying the game.

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