Black Friday 2016 deals on Apple iPads and iPhones were revealed in the 12-page ad from Sam's Club. Holiday shoppers can get some snazzy high-tech gifts and patient buyers can take advantage of a killer deal on these sought after items!

Unbeatable deals on Apple products

According to I4U, the iPad and iPhone deals are also in "Sam's Club Lowest Prices of the Season" ad. A sales event will be held on November 22 that features a real deal for the iPhone 7, a discount not to be missed. Apparently, the retailer currently has the best deal on thecoveted Apple iPad Pro 9.7.

Shoppers can save $175 on the iPad Pro during the November 12 sale at Sam's Club. The wi-fi and cell phone models are part of this deal, but not the 32GB design. The iPad Pro isn't one of the products being offered at a discount on November 25, so this is the time to score.

The iPhone line-up is available at a discounted rate for the November 12 event. Other great deals will be on the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone SE. The deal is sweetened with a free $250 gift card from the retailer. Activation is included, free of charge.

Keep in mind that the Black Friday 2016 deals on iPhones are only available in Sam's Club stores, not online.

Additional iPhone deals still hush-hush

More sales on iPhones will return on November 22nd, but prices haven't been revealed. Those will be available online through the Sam's Club online store.

According to the report, no Apple products have been revealed for November 25th. The deep discounts are being offered before Black Friday for both the November 12 and 22 sales.

Those on the east coast are urged to get online as sales begin at one minute after midnight on November 12th. It's 9:01 p.m. on the west coast the day before, which means there's going to be stiff competition for the items.

The Sam's Club Black Friday 2016 sale kicks off at 12:01 a.m., ET on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th online. Stores open on Friday, November 25 at 7 a.m. This should definitely kick-start your holiday shopping season!

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