The Black Friday 2016 deals have been available further in advance of the shopping day than ever before. This week while many people will enjoy Thanksgiving NFL games, the Macy's Parade, and turkey dinner, there will also be those enjoying the shopping sales. Many of them will start as of Sunday or Monday, with some of the biggest price drops and doorbuster arriving on Thursday, rather than Friday. There are a handful of technology or gaming gadgets that may dominate the sales too.

The Amazon Echo & Dot deals

The wave of the future is here thanks to Amazon.

The online retailer is offering two of their coolest new tech gadgets on a discount for the coming deals week. The Echo and Echo Dot speakers will both be at reduced prices and are likely to be top sellers during the online website's sales.

The Amazon Echo was among the first iterations of Amazon's voice interactive Alexa function. The speaker not only was able to play music but allowed owners to use their voice to ask for specific songs or information including sports scores, weather, and news. Since its release, it has expanded to become a hub for the emerging smart homes around the country, allowing individuals to control lights, thermostats, fans and many other items in the house.

The Echo Dot is the newer version of Amazon's voice-controlled speaker. It sells for about a third to a fourth of the price of the larger version. However, it still packs a punch and allows for voice interaction. For music enthusiasts who want a more robust sound, then can connect the Dot to a larger stereo system or pair with a Bluetooth speaker.

The Dot normally sells for around $50 but will be discounted by $10 for the sale. The larger Echo will be down about $40 in price. As to when these deals might appear, that's still unknown, but shoppers should put them on a watch list, or keep a close eye on Amazon's Black Friday deals page.

For customers who may want to try their luck in a store, Best Buy has advertised a similar deal on the speakers in their retail locations. It may also be offered online.

Nintendo 3DS portable game system

Nintendo will be offering several exclusive Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming devices at a low price of $99 for the holiday shopping season.

At least one of these that was advertised featured a special handheld device which had a "Mario mushroom theme" as a print on it.

The reason for the popularity of this particular item is quite simple. There are those game fans out there who want a device that's portable but not quite as simple in terms of a mobile phone when it comes to games. While smartphones have advanced quite a bit, they still just aren't the same as that feel of a handheld game device.

In terms of Nintendo's device, it features two brand new Pokemon games: "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" which are wildly popular.

In addition, there are other great games to select from including the new "Super Mario Maker," "Super Smash Bros.," and "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon."

Top items of the 2016 season?

These seem to be among the hottest items for this particular holiday season. The innovative technology of the Echo and Dot will become more and more utilized in households.

Customers who already own a larger Echo may decide to add the voice interaction to other rooms in the home. Expect to see these topping best-seller lists in the coming weeks, along with other gadgets such as the Xbox, PlayStation, and deals for iPads and iPhones.

The same can be said of the Nintendo 3DS portable game system. At a $100 sale price, it will be a popular gaming gadget given to fans of Pokemon and other compatible titles. There are plenty of Black Friday deals being advertised for Nintendo 3DS models at $99, and all U.S.

retailers that normally carry the gaming device should have the deal available.

Black Friday shopping is always a busy time of year for customers around the country, but thanks to the emergence of online deals and apps to shop with, it should be more convenient than ever.

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