This may sound like an impossible feat, but Verizon and the top leading global technological firms have started conducting 5G tests that holda ton of promise for 5G services. Leaders like Samsung Electronics America, Nokia, Intel, Qualcomm and Ericsson have partnered with Verizon and have made considerable developments in the area of field networks. They have aggressively started carrying out tests on gaining access to the multi-gigabit Wireless data in the real world. The experience is different from what you get on a phone as it involves specialized equipment; however, the results look promising even in the nascent stages.

For example, the bandwidth is sufficient to stream a 4K video without any hassles. This includes VR clips that need 17 concurrent feeds.

5G Technology Forum

Besides working with top-notch leaders in the field of technology and communication, Verizon’s 5G Technology Forum has experienced and reliable venture capital groups that are working on a range of developing technologies. According to Ed Chan, Senior Vice President, Technology Strategy & Planning, the company continues to boost improvement around 5G technology by co-operating with its partners closely. He adds that they were the ones to introduce 4G in the US, and with 5G, they hope to drive innovation in the technological segment and bring innovative solutions for their customers.

The tests come at a time when Verizon is forming a 5G Open Trial Specification Alliance, which is an endeavor to create a common ground for 5G testing to ensure its success. This development will help more number of tests to take place from now to 2018.

Views of Adam Koeppe

Leader of the trials, Adam Koeppe, who is also the Vice President Network Technology Planning, said that the group plans to expand their testing considerably in the next few months.

He also added that they want to make some important technical decisions as soon as possible.

This move definitely gives Verizon some exulting rights over AT&T, who have decided to postpone their 5G testing in the later part of the year. That said, Verizon’s 5G Technology Forum has many pending issues to be solved like maintaining connections indoors and trimming the technology so that it fits in your pocket instead of a van packed with customer gear.

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