After months of waiting, Nintendo has finally revealed the new name of their NX console. Switch could be a big positive for the gaming manufacturer, and an enormous let-down for the gaming public.

Ever since the release of their original GameBoy, the company which Shigeru Miyamoto brought into the spotlight has been perfecting the art of mobile video games. The first one was a big box almost rivaling the size of mainstream consoles today, with a small screen which hosted black and grey pixels against a green background. It was a breakthrough for its time, since its only competitor was Tiger Electronics.

Tiger's big contribution to video games was handheld screens accompanied by a basic button scheme. The background was static and unchanging, and the action comprised of static black images. Each title used a different scenario, but the same basic controls. Nintendo's GameBoy changed all of that with a box and small cartridges.

How Nintendo changed the video game industry

As portable video game consoles evolved, Nintendo was right on top of it. They proved that consoles didn't need to plug into a TV screen, even though they still made consoles which did that right up to the Wii U. On the side, the GameBoy eventually found itself shrinking and turning into a folding miniature laptop of sorts with the 3DS.

Nintendo may have been responsible for the evolution of cell phones into part-time touch-screen consoles themselves, proving that gaming on the go will never die. In fact, when it looked like video games couldn't possibly get any better, mobile games were going strong.Even mainstream controllers regularly adopted ideas from Nintendo.

Shoulder buttons, triggers, analog sticks, and motion sensors were all their idea before Sony and Microsoft used them.

What is the Nintendo Switch?

Formerly the Nintendo NX, the Switch is a tablet-style console which can hook up to the TV and be taken on the go, as reported by Engadget. The sides slide off and double as miniature controllers reminiscent of the Wii, so you can prop it up on the table and play it like most home consoles.

It can also dock with a device connected to your TV so you can still play them in full 1080p high definition. For the full home experience, you even have the option to plug the controllers intoa classic style shelland play it just like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It is also fully compatible with previous consoles like the DS and Wii U, so you won't have to buy your entire library all over again.Now the PS4 is the only current generation console which isn't backwards compatible, meaning Sony gamers stillhave to wait for ports and remasters and buy them all over again if they didn't keep their older consoles.

While Nintendo managed to make their newest console one you can play however you want, it doesn't look like they did anything new.

It appears they may have actually copied a concept from their competitors withthe Nvidia Tegra processor, which could deliver full 4K Ultra HD resolution.

What do you think of the Nintendo Switch? Is it revolutionary, or combining two older dogs without teachingthem any new tricks?

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