The arcade version of 'Tekken 7' was released in Japan on March 18th of last year and now the popular Namco fighting series is expected to see a release on consoles and PCs worldwide in the first or second quarter of 2017. 'Tekken 7' marks the first use of Unreal Engine 4 in the series. In addition to the roster from the arcade game, the home versions of 'Tekken 7' will feature exclusive fighters. Namco Bandai recently released the trailer for one of the fighters who made his debut in 'Tekken 6', Miguel Caballero Rojo.

Who is Miguel?

Miguel is a young cocky Spaniard who once cared for nothing more than the happiness of his sister.

However, that all changed when she lost her life to an air raid that attacked during her wedding. Fueled by a lust for vengeance, Miguel wishes to end the life of the man who ordered the attack, Jin Kazama. In the last numerical installment, Miguel had missed the opportunity to catch Jin, who managed to escape via helicopter. After appearing in 'Tekken Tag Tournament 2' and 'Tekken Revolution', Miguel is back and speaking his native tongue for this installment.

What is his fighting style?

Miguel utilizes an offensive and undisciplined fighting style that consists of haymakers, leg sweeps, and and body blows. This makes him the slow fighter that relies on brute force. Unlike many of the other combatants, Miguel isn't a martial artist. His background as a Spanish brawler can be thought of as both a weakness and a strength.

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While his slow movement can make him an easy target, his devastating power can overwhelm and confuse opponents if utilized wisely.

What's new for this installment?

'Tekken Tag Tournament 2' introduced the concept of having characters speak their native languages. Therefore, non-English speaking fighters such as Miguel and Lili now speak Spanish and French, respectively. Japanese characters such as Jin Kazama and other characters with a Japanese background such as Xiaoyu will retain their original voices. Look for 'Tekken 7' on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.