6cer recently updated its "MCAT 6 app" on Google Play, a big upgrade compared to the previous version, and almost the “best MCAT app” for pre-meds who need a free and friendlysmartphone application to prepare for medical college admission tests. The small-time developer also seems to have switched its monetizing policies, shifting its interest toward a free education system with users’ support.

"MCAT 6 app" is one among many educational apps on Google Play that offerpreparation and self-assessment material to pre-meds that can help them improve their memory skills. Although, 6cer is a new developer and has little on its hands with just one other game on the plate, its efforts to promote "free education" are admirable.

Free education, kudos!

Somewhere in the side bars, the official "MCAT 6 app" page denotes, "As of the version 2.5 all the MCQs have been pre-unlocked so you don't have to watch videos or ads to get the answers. We are taking this step because we believe education should be free, like all the good things that come free in life."

Given that 6cer is an indie developer, the smartphone app is really well-designed with a great deal of impressive multiple choice questions. The app maker stresses that spending money on costly books and institutions to prepare for anMCAT test is not only old- school, it's unnecessary altogether because technology is advancing and it should provide a better and easier means of learning.

Best features of 'MCAT 6 app'

The official Google Play page for the android app features some impressive screenshots of the interface, including the menus and overall layout, but one feature is exclusive to 6cer's MCAT app not found in other apps of the category: scrollable test. When you hit the "Quick Test" button, the app creates an MCQ-type questionnaire from over 5,000 MCQs (as the developer claims), which appears more realistic, like giving a real test.

Listed below are some of the most significant features of the app.

  • All the functions completely work offline.
  • Categorical Mnemonics for statistical data.
  • At 23 megabytes, the application is pretty compact.
  • Offers over 5,000 MCQs (biology only).
  • Test filters can be filtered by difficulty and topics (list provided on the app's page).
  • Ability to post scores to Leaderboard which requires Google plus login.
  • A comprehensive result with aninsight of time, percentage, and unlocked test questions.

This isn't really the "best MCAT app" but it is a good example of trying to make one.

Small indie developers like 6cer that have the real potential to straighten up and advance our education system in terms of technology. The official blog of the app, which is also a free Wordpress site like the rest of its promotional material, claims that study material for physics and chemistry will be incorporated over next few months. If that happens, the appcould top all the other apps on Google Play related to medical college admission test preps.

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