Rockstar Games could be getting ready to announce "Red Dead Redemption 2," the second sequel to their Western-themed open-world franchise.

Let's clear up the confusion over the possible 'Red Dead Redemption 2' announcement

Yes, it would be the second sequel, as the first game was titled "Red Dead Revolver," a third-person shooter featuring Nate Harlow's son Red and a quest for revenge.

Wikipedia states that 'Redemption' was the initial sequel, a game which gained even more critical acclaim and became a fan favorite by continuing the Wild West theme and giving it a more open gameplay style.


It follows former outlaw John Marsten, whose wife and son become a bargaining chip for the United States government in exchange for his services as a hired gun.

The sequel became such a hit that Rockstar Games knew another sequel would be more than welcome. It seems time for a new sequel, as the last game had been released in 2010, six years after the release of "Revolver." Much like with that sequel, it seems there isn't much in the way of announcements right now, so the images which Rockstar Games dropped on Twitter may be as close as we'll get to a "Red Dead Redemption 2" release date announcement.


Is Rockstar about to announce another sequel or possible prequel?

This past week, Rockstar Games' Twitter account posted two images with no captions. The first image posted on Sunday was their company logo over a background colored a familiar shade of red. it could have meant anything, from another DLC release for "Grand Theft Auto V," to simply a change in the company image.

The following day, GameSpot states that RockStar posted another one with that same background, but the Rockstar Games logo was gone.

In its place was a silhouette of seven people, some with cowboy hats, and a yellowish sunset behind red mountains. The speculation is that there are now seven characters being made into main characters in the game, and its been said that "RDD 2" might actually be a prequel to the first game.

If it's true that we're about to see an announcement for the "RDD 2" release date, then Rockstar Games may just have their next massive hit coming next year.

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