Bloomberg Technology predicts some of the benefits and consequences of a brave new world of driverless, electric powered cabs. Since rides in these vehicles will so cheap as to be competitive as buses and light rail, they might eliminate mass transit as we know it in large, urban centers. Why trudge to the bus stop and take an hour or two with several transfers to get to work when you can get picked up by your house and then whisked to your workplace inside a half an hour.

Some of the things our grandchildren will not know because of this future include parking lots, curbs, street lights, cab drivers, and highway signs.

With driving done by a computer with AI software backed up by a suite of sensors, none of these things will be needed. driverless cars do not get drunk, distracted, or consumed with road rage. Accidents plummet to none existence and traffic jams become less onerous.

If that future of total mobility through driverless cars is not sufficient, Uber is already looking ahead to driverless, electric powered vertical takeoff and landing taxis, sort of like the flying cars seen in the “Back to the Future” movies. On the low end, these aircraft would serve for longer commutes from the suburbs to city centers, bypassing choke points such as road construction and bridges, to whisk passengers in minutes what used to take over an hour or more.

On a higher end, such on-demand air taxis could replace regional air Travel, not just between larger cities, say Houston and Dallas or San Francisco and Los Angeles, but between any two points imaginable, including small towns and rural areas.

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A farmer can take his family for a trip to the big city. A couple can have dinner at that quaint barbecue place out in the back of beyond that they saw on the Food Network.

The key benefit is that mobility will become effortless, a sort of physical network just like the Internet is a network for information. The idea of having to get behind the wheel and drive somewhere will become, over time, a forgotten and unnecessary skill.