In this era everything is now defined and under the heavy influence of technology. In this latest move by the website builder, Orson, they have redefined the rules to how websites will be built. The reliable and simple website builder raised enough money, and announced the integration of a bot into their product. This enhancement will offer a comprehensive solution to organizations or individuals who do not have an information technology (IT) background or technical skills to create a functioning website.

Orson´s marketplace ambition for 2017

The press release confirmed the company´s vision of becoming the market leader in Europe inthe next three years.


Orson expects to reach sales revenue of €6 million by next year. To date the drag and drop tool has attracted over one thousand users in France and in international markets. Having a website as an entrepreneur, business, public entity, enterprise, professional and others is an indispensable resource to have. What Orson has done is eliminate the time-consuming process of having to learn all of the ins and outs of code. In addition, eliminating the need to invest in learning HTML.

Goals down the road for Orson

With this latest development with the website building, Orson will be competing with well-known and prominent competitors.

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You have the Israeli-based Wix. You also have the American-based company Weebly competing as well for a share of the market in France. So Orson wants to become the market leader in Europe. It has also estimated that more than 50 million websites are not mobile compatible and optimized.

Takeaways and conclusions

Irrespective of your industry or whether you work in the private or public sector, having a website is a must. Most consumers today have a smartphone and conduct most of their searches via these devices. So, choosing a provider for website building is paramount. Finally, integrating bots into their tool is going to be an attractive selling point for businesses based in France. It will be interesting to see Orson´s market position in the following year to come.