There are many apps out now that are supposed to enhance #mental acuity. Unfortunately for most of us, many of these are designed with countdown timers and very stressful calculations and manipulations that are geared more for computers than humans. Thankfully, Brain #yoga takes the relaxation and strengthening attitude of yoga and applies it to eleven mentally enhancing games.


Developed by Sarah Pierce Games, Brain Yoga offers mentally stimulating games at levels from beginner to expert, with a sliding scale to increase or decrease the difficulty for your skill level. As you improve, you will naturally move up the scale to a more challenging position.

None of the games is timed, so you can work at your own pace. There is even an option to do a daily workout which features four randomly selected games. With Zen-like background music and charming background settings, this is one of the most relaxing and fun games to increase mental stamina and cognitive ability.

The Games

Shapes – Rearrange a number of shapes to complete the puzzle board with no gaps.

Patterns – Organize stones according to color and shape, similar to Sudoku.

Spatial – Analyze a pattern of colored squares, then choose the correct representation by transfiguring the pattern from 2-d to 3-d.

Memory – The classic card game featuring unique symbols.

Words – Unscramble the letters to form a common word.

Numbers – Insert integers into fixed operators to balance the equation. Great for algebra buffs!

Logic – Solve the puzzle by using logic to deduce the placement of the colored balls.

Top Videos of the Day

Words2 –  Arrange the shapes to form words and simultaneously complete the puzzle board with no gaps. Combines elements of Shapes and Words.

Planning – Slide the tiles in order to complete the path connecting the ball with the finish line.

Memory2 – Memorize the pattern of white and black dots, then recreate it a moment later.

Sets – Analyze cards based on shape, number, color, and pattern, then identify sets of three cards based on either identical or dissimilar features.

Easter egg: Tap the origami swan in Shapes to make it rock from side to side. #Video Game