Smart Reflection is yet another intelligent mirror which distinguishes itself in several ways from it's other counterparts. Whereas most smart mirrors have been or are being developed by hobbyists and amateurs, this mirror has been manufactured by a professional app development company, Nodes, and they've developed the smart mirror with a heavy focus on personalization in terms of software.


While the hardware specifications are nothing to sneer at, with three Raspberry Pi 3's, three Samsung 32" monitors as well as custom electronics and wiring, the manufacturer believes that the customization in terms of software is what will become the determining factor when customers are choosing between the various alternatives.


The operating system, which is a customized Linux distribution, enables users to connect to Google Play and gain access to the more than 2 million applications currently available for download. There's also several unique applications specifically designed for the mirror by Nodes' in-house developers, enhancing the possibilities of the intelligent mirror.

How it works is rather simple, behind the two-way mirror, which works like we know them from police movies and tv shows, sits the three monitors which are able to project information through the mirror, but without showing the hardware behind it. This means that Smart Reflection can show it's users news, weather updates, YouTube videos or Netflix movies, and anything else that is currently possible with a normal computer or smartphone.

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Advanced Features

Built into the mirror is also a 3D sensor, which enables advanced functions such as an experimental heart rate monitor, as well as both facial and gesture recognition. There's also talks of adding a temperature sensor which will allow monitoring people to store that data and display any swings based on the average temperature, indicating fever or other illnesses for instance.

Furthermore, with the option of having microphones built-in as well, it opens up for the possibility of advanced voice recognition coupled with Google Assistant or Apple's Siri, and the company behind Smart Reflection is also working on incorporating Amazon's Alexa into the display for even more advanced features.