Over the past year DISH has been upgrading their system and adding many features to their service. They have survived a break-up with CNN which led to a beautiful make-up. So much so that their all streaming internet affiliate Sling TV now carries the brand as well. Throughout this seamless process that customers are probably unaware of, the brand has added the ability to view programs in 4K Ultra HD when available. They have also added affordable packaging they have aptly called the Skinny Flex Pack, with prices starting at $39.

Netflix and Chill

Their latest change and newest addition is Netflix service. In case you have been under a rock, Netflix, the brand which earned its IPO in 2002 currently has 83 million subscribers who they garnered by providing original programing like "Orange is the New Black," "Luke Cage," "Narcos"and "House of Cards." They have made ditching cable for binge watching shows a real thing, #netflixandchill. This collaboration makes a lot of sense since DISH has made its name by encouraging their users to ditch cable and join them.

Viewers can view Netlfix by clicking on channel 370, or access it through the app on the Hopper.

Crossing the pay-tv lines

In keeping with DISH’s desire to be their users one stop shop for entertainment in all its forms there is now another big brand addition. DISH customers who currently have the Hopper 3 DVR, are now able to enjoy their favorite music videos, recaps of shows, how-to's and vloggers with the newly added YouTube app.

This latest update makes DISH the only nationwide pay TV service in America to offer YouTube by way of a set-top box. YouTube joins other DISH app offerings such as Netflix, Vevo, Pandora and The Weather Channel.The tons of YouTube fans who watch 3.25 billion hours of the 4,950,000,000 videos viewed daily are devotees of the brand for sure. Making this new acquisition brilliant on the part of DISH.

Nirak Desai the vice president of product management for DISH has stated that the Hopper 3 is meant to be more than just a typical run of the mill set-top box. It was designed to serve as the consumers total, all-encompassing entertainment center. Making it even more interesting to see what DISH will offer its clients in the upcoming months.

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