China is on an aggressive arms buildup and it threatens all its neighbors as well as the USA. The aim of the Chinese for the last 6 decades since the advent of Communism has been to match the military power of the USA and have weaponry that can breach the US missile defense. The one point agenda since the days of Mao Tse Tung is to dominate the world and it is to the credit of Chinese that they are very near their objective.

Chinese hypersonic missile

The Chinese have just tested a new weapon system called the hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV). It is given the nomenclature DF-ZF and is in reality, a hypersonic speed warhead that can strike an enemy at tremendous speed.

As the HGV attains a speed of Mach 5-10 it takes minutes to reach a target and as such the warning time of this weapon system if detected is very low.

The Chinese have tested the HGV at the Wuzhai Missile testing center located in Central China. Choosing a remote part of China for this test makes it difficult for the West and the USA, to get much information about this test and they have to rely on satellite images only. As per information available, the Chinese have carried out 7 test flights of this orbital HGV.

The Chinese HGV is still behind the US hyper technology vehicle the HTV-2 (Falcon) which is in an advanced stage of development.

The HGV during test flights achieved speeds in excess of 6000 km to 12000km an hour and also carried out intricate maneuvers. The weapon system is extremely dangerous as at present the USA does not have any defense against such a high-speed weapon which can carry nuclear warheads.

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The HGV is nowhere near deployment at present and is still in the testing stage. It appears it is plagued by a paucity of high-speed computing data. The Chinese for all their advancement still have computers that are at least 10 times slower than US computers and until this lacuna is solved the HGV cannot be made operational. At the present rate of development, the Chinese military may be able to induct this weapon system by 2020. The USA will have to be wary of China which is now into an alliance with Pakistan and trying to break the US-Japan-Philippines axis with overtures to Duterte.