Bluboo is ahigh-tech enterprise based in China, established in 2006. According to the company's website, its core values are“Technology, Innovation, Quality, Service”.

Let us remind you that this phone had a previous model, called Picasso 3G, whichfaced some pretty harsh Reviews. Bluboo addressed those and updated it's Picasso model. This new version is the one we're reviewing today.

The Bluboo Picasso 4G has an attractive appearance, entirely inherited from its predecessor. The back cover is coated by a pattern of polygons, the thickness of the housing is relatively small, the display frames are also within a normal range for this segment (under $80).

The upgraded Mediatek 6735 quad-core processor clocked at 1.0 GHz, enables the new version of the Picasso to support 4G. Other key upgrades include the OS, which was updated to 6.0, the new 13MP camera, by SONY.


Hands down, the Picasso has to be the best looking phone in its range. For less than$80, you get a phone that may not look like a flagship, but certainly does look and feel like a +$200 smartphone.

As soon as you grab it,the Picasso gives an impression of being a very ‘solid’ phone.What’s more, there’s a nice textured back which makes it really easy to grip the phone.


It’s a 5-inch 1280 x 720p (HD) panel, which for a $79phone was unimaginable even a year back. That said, Bluboo have done well to source a very nice looking panel for the Picasso.

Screendensity is 320dpi, which is an average density if you look at the models released in this year. Display technology used is IPS, and you’ll find it tough to believe its a $79phone you’re looking at.


It’s great to see 16GB becoming the standard for even budget phones with the Picasso being no exception.

From these 16GB you'll have 12GB to available use. It also features a separate memory card slot above the battery that will take cards up to 64GB giving you a total of 74GB of usable memory should you need it.


The main specs include 2GB LPDDR3 RAM,MTK6735 Quad-coreprocessor, NFC (yes, NFC on a $79phone!), and the 13MP SONY sensor.The Picasso 4G comes with a2800mAh 4.35v battery


Bluboo upgraded its rear camera on this Picasso 4G fromthe previous 8MP Panasonic sensor to the 13MP SONY sensor.This difference guarantees lower noise and clearer image quality.

Both the rear and front cameras now automatically recognize faces and are able to capture facial expressions very quickly.


Let be clear on this: we're talking about a ~50 quid phone. You can't possibly expect top-notch performance and specs. That being said, you do get a lot of nice features, like NFC, front-facing flash and decent storage and RAM figures.

On the down side, the camera really struggles with dynamic ranges, being unable to give you a clear picture whenever you have too much or too little light.

The sound is also dreadful.

Its competition includes theHOMTOM HT3 Pro, theLenovo A8, and theDOOGEE X5 Max Pro, all under $80.

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