When you think of revolutionary cell phone technology, your mind usually pictures Apple or Samsung doesn't it? Turing Robotic Industries is looking to change that perception next year by releasing a phone with truly incredible specifications, one that can potentially change the smart-phone market into a super-phone market.

The specs in question

Lets get right down to the specs Turing might be offering on their new phone Cardenza, because it looks spectacular! The phone will feature a 1 TB internal storage with two slots for 256 GB micro SD slots, making it virtually as large as your laptop. The processor will include 2 Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processors with a total of 16 Kyro cores, amply supported by a 12 GB RAM.

In terms of display, Turing is set to offer a 5.8 inch screen that will relay 2560 x 1440p. Although the display is nothing too spectacular, it will help you look at visuals captured on a 60 MP 6K quad iMAX rear camera, armed with a triple lens. The front camera will be a stunning 20 MP one as well, just as good a most rear cameras today.

One of the most interesting features about this phone will be the OS that will accompany the device. They call it Swordfish OS, and it's specialty will be the presence of a deep learning A.I that is supposed to make operations much easier over time. You will also be given the option of using your voice to turn your phone on or off.

You can imagine that a phone with such incredulous specs must require a powerful battery as well, which is why Turing will be providing a triple power source worth 100 wH in order to maximize the standby time.

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This includes a 2400 mAh graphene supercapacitor battery, hydrogen fuel cells and a standard 1600 mAH Li-ion battery. Balancing these alternate power sources will provide this phone a large and reliable battery life. To round things off, Turing has also said that Cardenza will feature four nano-sim slots, and a Marshall equalizer in order to provide a rich platform for your entertainment.

There is no doubt that these specs are unlike anything we have ever seen in the market thus far, and the press release by Turing has also put other manufacturers on high alert regarding an impending revolution. It will be interesting to see if Turing can match these specs come launch time in 2017, and how companies like Apple will respond to this development.