This summer, Pokemon Go swept the nation and re-ignited a world-wide love of Pokémon, straight out of a childhood memory of the 90’s or early 2000’s. While Pokémon has remained popular in the decades since its release, it hasn’t been quite to this degree in years. With over 500 million downloads, Pokémon GO has approached and surpassed Tinder and Twitter level of popularity. But the Pokémon craze doesn’t show any time of stopping, and that’s because of the Pokémon masters of business at Nintendo.


As soon as there is a lull in Pokémon popularity, something happens to restart the Pokémon craze. And it’s going to just keep getting better in the coming months.

Nintendo NX

Nintendo first announced its plans for the Nintendo NX over a year ago, but so far further information has been sparse. That is, until now. The video game company’s next big thing, the NX is a mobile/console hybrid, and rumors say that it has an estimated 32GB of memory and a Tegra X2-powered device.


Tsunekazu Ishihara, the CEO of the Pokémon Co. has indeed confirmed that on the incoming Nintendo NX, “[it] is trying to change the concept of what it means to be a home console device or a handheld device,” said the CEO in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “We will make games for the NX.”

According to Nintendo, the console is to be released no later than March. If Pokémon Go has made one thing clear, it’s this: if there’s Pokémon in it, people will buy it, and fast.

Pokémon Go Plus

Speaking of the Pokémon craze, there's more to the app than just updates on September 16th, Niantic—the Nintendo sponsored creators of Pokémon Go—have released a new piece of wearable hardware for the app.

It’s called Pokémon Go Plus. Already sold out on Gamestop and Amazon, the red and white Pokeball-shaped bracelet uses Bluetooth to sync to a player’s account. It will vibrate when the user passes a Pokestop, or if they pass by a Pokemon. Collecting the items and catching the Pokémon are as easy as a click of a button—literally. However, there is a catch—it just throws one standard Pokeball, and it only works on the monsters that have already been caught.

But, there is another popular feature that makes the Pokémon Go Plus a must have for every player—it counts steps! Hatching eggs has never been faster, as it also registers the number of steps taken.

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pokémon is still sticking to what’s made it famous: the video games. This November, Pokémon will be releasing two new games, Sun and Moon, and the next generation of Pokemon. Taking place in the Alola region, this will be the release of the new 7th Generation, along with several revamped Gen 1 Pokemon.


For instance, the ‘Alola form’ of a fan-favorite, Raichu, will be an Electric and Psychic type. They’re also releasing a new Sun/Moon themed 3DS XL, for those who are still on the fence about continuing their Pokémon addiction.

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