Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website filled with innovating and intriguing ideas. The content ranges from tech to art, from toys to design. Plenty of start-up companies use Kickstarter as a way to receive both funding and publicity. There are items like animated water bottles for children and 3D pens—a miniature version of a 3D printer. But the latest star of the website is not the standard futuristic piece of tech that’s something out of a Star Trek episode, like the usual Kickstarter juggernauts, but a toy that would not be out of place on an episode of Netflix’s 80’s style show, ‘Stranger Things.’ It’s called the Fidget Cube.


Fidget Cube: what is it?

This cube is a fidgeter’s ultimate dream. Each of the cube’s six sides houses a completely unique feature. One side houses a switch, another the rounded gliding circle of a game joystick, and another features a side with 5 small round buttons, 3 of which make a sound while the other two are silent. Forget clicking a pen or tapping your foot—this is much more fun, and all contained in one small, hand sized toy. Due to the large number of backers, it will now even come in multiple colors!


The Fidget Cube’s meteoric rise

The Fidget Cube originally asked for a modest $15,000 dollars as its final goal, giving itself almost 2 months to reach that amount. Not even 24 hours after launching the amount was already reached, and less than one week later it could tick off the million-dollar mark. As of September 18th, they’ve raised almost $4.6 million. In half of the expected time they are over 30500% funded, with still about a month more to go.

Why so popular?

Everyone can understand the sweet sensation of continuously clicking a pen, but for some this can be more than just a guilty pleasure. Not only can fidgeting make those with disorders that impact attention feel better, but it's also shown to also improve concentration. For instance, according to AdditudeMagazine, fidgeting can actively enhance the focus of those with ADHD. The same can be said for those with autism and anxiety.

Clearly, with over 110,000 backers, the creators of the Fidget Cube have stumbled onto a profitable but untapped demographic. What they’re doing is both ethically sound and financially beneficial. What’s not to like?

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