Whether you’re into Pokémonor not, it’s hard to ignore how much Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm. This storm includes endless free media attention, broken records in app stores, and boosting the sales of various merchandise in unexpected ways. The level of popularity is just absolutely unrivaled in terms of mobile games, and games in general.

Pokémon Go gets the first page since day one

After just one day of being released, Pokémon Go rocketed to the top of both Apple and Google Play’s App Store charts when it comes to both individual downloads and revenue. In a matter of just five hours, the app had trumped other popular games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.

Pokémon Go was even able to surpass popular social media apps, receiving twice the number of installs than Tinder and rivaling Twitter in daily use.

Then there’s the average time used per day. As of its second week out in mobile stores, Pokémon Go was being used for an average of 43 minutes a day, an average far higher than Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger. This is extremely important because typically social media apps dominate in terms of user engagement. The fact that Pokémon Go was able to surpass the usage of apps people commonly use to socialize is astonishing and meaningful --- Pokémon Go doesn’t even have a messaging system built into the app. People were just devoting that time to catch Pokémon.

The popularity of the game has actually created new consumer needs. Including speculations for a new Pokémon movie.

As one can imagine, an augmented reality game drains quite a bit of battery life.

Without proper preparation, a user will find their phone running out of battery while in the middle of a park surrounded by good Pokémon that they need to catch. But of course, modern technology has an easy solution to this problem: portable chargers.

Pokémon Go means business

Companies that sell portable power banks for phones saw double the number of sales in the weeks following Pokémon Go’s release.

Consumers rushed out to buy products that kept their battery life from dying out for the sole purpose of being able to continue playing the game. Retail tracking services reported that portable chargers increased to 1.2 million in sales over the course of two weeks.

Perhaps the popularity has something to do with the longevity of the Pokémon franchise in general. Pokémon has been around in the form of Video Games, television shows, movies, cards, and toys for two decades. Almost everyone is familiar with at least the concept, and perhaps the image of the most popular Pokémon “mascot” Pikachu. That makes the simple concept of the game (“Gotta catch ‘em all”) extremely accessible to a wide audience over a big demographic range.

In fact, it seems that some fans just needed a reminder that Pokémon was still around and still fun. This can be seen in the marked increase in sales of Pokémon-related merchandise that has already been around for the past two decades. People are once again purchasing the vintage video games that many of us might have played in our childhood, and any product with a Pokémon on it is suddenly a hot commodity.

Everyone wants a piece of Pokemon

In the past month, Pokemon-related merchandise sales increased by 91%. Searches for Pokémon products doubled in Wal-Mart’s website search engine, and Target has seen an increase in interest as well. GameStop saw an increase of 50% for their Pokémon merchandise, and online retailers have seen a boost in sales too.

These include old games, toys, clothing, backpacks, accessories --- really just about anything you can put a Pikachu on.

Keep in mind, all this has happened before Pokémon Go has even been released to a global audience. Pokémon Go was only just released in the country of its origins recently, carrying the momentum of its popularity. The likes of all this happening because of a mobile game is unheard of, something entirely new, and completely record breaking.

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