Sony has done it again with the PlayStation VR. This is the top of the line virtual reality set on the market. It is set to release on October 13th, 2016.

Experience PlayStation VR

Users can experience realistic imaging with the 100 degrees 1080pvisual. The PS VR will work with either of the PS4's but for optimal results, you will want to use the Neo due to its 4k resolution. This is probably why Sony is releasing the Ps4 Neo the same day as the VR.

The Neo will not have any Neo exclusive games. Instead, the PlayStation VR will offer50 different titles from October to December, giving the players a variety of gaming experiences.

Among these titles is Final Fantasy XVI, Grand Turismo Sport,

Paranormal Activity, into Star Wars: Battlefront, and rumored Resident Evil 7. No matter what kind of gaming you into, there is a game to give you the best gaming experience offered.

How to experience it

In order to play with the PlayStation VR, you need roughly a 9.8 by 6.2 feet of space. The camera (which you will need to buy) needs to be able to put the headset in the middle of the space to be able to track PS VR along with any other tracked devices like the PlayStation Move motion controllers or the standard DualShock 4.

Virtual reality games have a reputation of being a loner type of gaming experience. Sony is already busy developing the PlayStation VR playroom.

This will allow players to interact with other players and play games with each other just as you would with regular multiplayer games. PlayStation VR can give you the feeling of being social without even being with real people. The characters seem more intelligent and allow you to see what they are seeing and be in their world.

Sony is really going make it hard to compete with the virtual reality experience when they bring this amazing technology to the public. This will be the type of gaming experience people will want to share with others.

This high-tech product will cost $399. There is a bundle that offers the Camera, two Moves, and a copy of VR mini-game compilation, PlayStation VR Worlds for $499.

Pre-orders in the US, however, are currentlysold out.

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