MCAT test is a worldwide phenomenon that helps the bricks of young premedical students get hardened in the hearth of medical college assessment tests. As smartphone apps have revolutionized every aspect of education, numerous MCAT apps available on Play Store and elsewhere are helping thousands of MBBS candidates achieve their dream of becoming a medical professional.

Google Play Store is aone-stop shop for thousands of educational apps. When it comes to the MCAT Test, android developers have created many applications that you can use right on your smartphone for self-assessment. According to KapTest, over 48,000 individuals applied for medical schools in 2013 alone.

The numbers have mounted since then and so has the searches on Google and Play Store for biology apps.

MCAT test and practice

Premedical students mostly use the widely famous MCAT test materials like the Princeton Review. However, to practice they have studied biology topics, a proper platform is needed for self-assessment. While MCQs provided by such medical college assessment test course providers are reliable, they are not very efficient. Turning pages over pages wastes time, that's why online biologypractice MCQs and MCAT apps are quickly replacing the traditional methods of preparing for medical college entry tests.

Best MCAT apps on Play Store

If you search for MCAT on Play Store, the top 10 ranking apps include names like "MCAT 6" and "MCAT 2016 Mastery." Both these apps have encouraging reviews, but to really find which is the best android app for practicing MCQs, you have to consider factors like how many active users, installs, reviews, and ratings these smartphone applications have acquired since they have been launched.

The top-ranking Play Store apps for medical college entry test preparations are completely free, offer good study material and brainteasers. But this only leaves the user indecisive about which is the best app for medical college assessment test practice and preparations. There are certain criteria that you can apply to make your choice easier.

More MCQs for MCAT practice, better results

While all many Play Store apps offer a good amount of material for MCAT test, "MCAT 6" is the only one that claims to offer over 5000 MCQs for self-assessment. Currently, the app only offers biology questions, but thequality of well-crafted prep questions and their usability is formidable.

However, by the end of the day, the premeds are free to decide which MCAT app is the best.

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