Social media has become a natural component and extension of our lives. Where we go, what we do, and who we are with all of this is shared via mobile devices. Increasingly, the latest feature to really drive up engagement is live video. It generates billions of dollars in revenue for the likes of social media giants like Facebook and YouTube.

Alively available in the U.S App Store

The ios app alively launched in beta in the U.S and scheduled for other markets in the near future. The co-founder of the company, Vadium Lavrusik, was one of the creators of the successful product Facebook Live, which to date is a popular way to disseminate information on the platform.

The Alively mobile app goes a step further by capturing and sharing live videos with a select group of users privately. The video footage does not get stored on your phone and it is securely stored in the cloud offering peace of mind with regards to space on your device.The premise of the app is to share and capture those special moments. Although this may sound like another copycat it really is positioning itself at a time that live video is becoming the next best thing on social media. The other two company co-founders, Ray Lee and Vincent Tuscano, believe that people do not want to share their videos with large crowds, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Alively iOS app setup

As you may have suspected the app is available as a free download.

Users need to have iOS 8.4 version installed. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.Setup is pretty straightforward. You will need an active line to setup the app and verify installation.

You can invite others to try out the app or send video as a SMS. They will receive in the form of a text message a video caption and link where they can watch the recording.You can record live or share videos from your Camera Roll.

And as a perk you will not have to worry about storage since the video content is stored on the Alively cloud server.

Takeaways and conclusions

The future is live videos.

It is what is driving most of the engagement and what people react to nowadays.What will be intriguing is what enhancements will be included after Alively moves out of beta.They will be facing stiff competition from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, andSnapChat. They all have video features and impressive integrations.

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