Cable subscribers now have yet another reason to cut the cord because Dish has launched a new pared down bundle called Flex Pack. This new part of their service allows customers to order a core package that offers over 50 channels for $39.99 per month and customizes extras. Now consumers will be able to choose their channel packs monthly depending on their preferences.

The individual package allows for add-ons that range between $4-$10. You can add kids channels, broadcast networks regional and general entertainment.

This is for the person that always complains that they have too many channels they don’t care about so they don’t watch them.

Executive speak

Warren Schlichting,DISHexecutive vice president of Marketing, Programming and Media Sales, has stated that this program is for customers that are tired of paying for channels that they have no interest in watching.

The Flex Pack he believes lets theDISHcustomer choose what’s best for them because of its flexibility. Sounds pretty awesome because usually with cable picking channels that you want can hit you in the purse.


Though you can start off with the basic flex bundle, there are separate packages that you choose between. The $10 monthly packages are pretty meaty.

If you go for the local version, your choices are TV Land, Food Network, A&E, Discover, CNN, TBS A&E and more. If you choose to flex your package you can add a local pack which offers network station like CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, as well as Univision, if you are in that service area.

The Kid pack offers Disney, Animal Planet, Nick JR. Boomerang and Bay TV. In this price range, there is also the News Pack and Regional Action Pack.

Then in the mid range pricing of $6 per month you can choose from the Variety or Heartland Pack that make for perfect Sunday afternoon watching with choices like Lifetime Movie, Bravo, Hallmark, OWN and Discovery Family.

Honestly, it can be Oprah and Real Housewives all day long if you so choose.

The lower bundle costs $4 monthly is perfect for the outdoor type with hours of World Fishing.

Though it doesn’t offer many choices, it really doesn’t matter because if you are someone who loves to commune with nature you probably won’t be indoors to enjoy your television programs anyway.

On top of all that DISH has also thought about folks who are really budgeting and if choose to go bare bones you can stick to an eve more pared but you pay only $29.99 per month.

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