Alright, so I played this game about 12 hours. The first few hours were very disappointing.I felt like it was a weak version of resident evil meets metal gear solid. Also, note the game has a pretty weak frame rate or FPS (Frames per second) It may even seem pretty graphically choppy at times with some unnecessary cut scenes for takedowns and the like.So throwing that out of the way, there is also one more slight problem, this is the learning curve of the game.It's pretty tough to get used to, and the game is actually challenging even after getting the hang of the controls and concept.

That was the bad, so if you hung in there through the bad part of this game, the rest of it is very well done.The HUD (heads up display) is eye candy to look at, organized and beautiful.


The menu screens specifically the weapons and items are great. Once you learn the menu, everything is organized well for the guide writer, the player, and even the video content creator.

Deus Ex Review:

The gameplay actually gets quite deep and exciting. I don't think it's as good as metal gear solid V.However since there is more detail to the items and weapons it comes really close.What seems to be replaced with the awesome buddy system from Metal Gear Solid V is the augmentations which are the essence of this game.It's cool but its very perk oriented if you like perks you will enjoy it. Personally, I would have liked a deeper system.It's still good, however, and the ways to get around objects is designed very nicely. You can see the game was tested properly.The creators and testers, heck probably the entire team did a great job on the gameplay bottom line.Surprisingly to add the game seems to be getting more enjoyable as I go along.

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For the story people there also is a huge story with nice cut scenes and all that jazz.Also, there are newspapers, Intel, triangle codes and much more collectibles that can be found to enhance the story further.I like to break down the story on my 2nd play through so I rather not get too deep here, but there is in fact very well implementation on the games story even added through the gameplay of the match.

So here is my breakdown quickly on the game as this is a quick review:

1. Players New to the series: Read the first paragraph of this review. If you can get over that, you will enjoy this game.

2. Old Players: This is hard for me to say as honestly, this is my first true play through of a match in the series.So I apologize for that.

3. If you liked Metal Gear games or resident evil, you SHOULD enjoy this. Do NOT confuse this game with gears of war. Do not confuse this game with your typical FPS (First Person Shooter) I can't think of anything else except my opinion which would be to BUY it for those that are writers, reviewers or youtube users. In fact, buy it now!

4. For the people that just play games for fun still buy it NOW, but I say that generously. 7/10 -