There is no doubt that global Pollution levels have been at an all-time high over the past decade, and it is major cause of concern for all countries in the world. Graviky Labs has created a revolutionary product that manages to utilize the excessive levels of carbon in our atmosphere in order to create a unique product known as Air Ink.

Clean up on aisle air!

We have been rapidly diluting the quality of fresh air in our atmosphere for the last 200 years, especially in the major cities around the world. The situation has deteriorated so badly that a global environmental conference had to be organized in order to address the issue at hand.

Even though all the countries involved in the summit pledged to decrease global pollution levels, the problem cannot be left purely in the hands of the government. Smart and innovative solutions are the only way to dig our way out of this calamity, and Graviky Labs is leading the way in this regard. Each pen in the Air Ink series contains roughly 30 to 50 minutes of air pollution that has been generated by exhaust fumes.

Tracing the idea.

This project has been in the works for quite a few years now and was first developed when the founders discussed the concept at the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT's Media Lab. They presented a more concrete version of the idea during the INK conference in 2013 and have spent the last few years creating the special process necessary to extract carbon from vehicle emission and create usable ink from it.

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Creating a new cycle.

The brilliant product manages to add a brand new process to the cycle of environmental pollution. Instead of just emitting toxic chemicals into the air, we can now create beautiful works of Art with the ever-rising levels of pollution and reduce the carbon levels by being more creative. There cannot be a more elegant solution to the pollution crisis than that!

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