Have you ever desired to have that blue tick beside your account photo? Twitter now allows you to apply for it. Following strict guidelines and a few troubling registration procedures, you can now apply for it.

Over the past few months, Twitter has reported an increase in cases of violation of its policies and guidelines – with the most recent being the case of racist attacks against Ghostbuster star Leslie Jones. The case, which has been the subject of concern and has provoked debate about Twitter’s policies and restrictions as well as its users’ responsibilities, makes it more and more necessary for the verification of accounts.

Application for verification mandates one to provide reasons for verification alongside formal identification documents. A concise guide to the process can be found on Twitter. When ready, one can simply request verification after filling out a form, which will prompt the user to log into his or her account and follow the steps to completion.

What Twitter requires

Before one applies to have the verification approved, Twitter requires that one’s account contain the following information:

  • A bio
  • A verified phone number
  • A confirmed email address
  • A profile photo
  • A website
  • Tweets set to ‘public’ in the profile settings
  • A birthday

The recent case of Milo Yiannapoulos and Leslie Jones shows the necessity for verification of accounts if Twitter is to have any ease abiding with the law, while at the same time protecting the rights, privacy, and freedoms of its account holders.

Before this took effect, only accounts of prominent personalities, whose reputation and demeanor were at risk of public scrutiny and attacks, could be verified. The recent increase in retrogressive ideologies, as could be seen from the perpetrator of the Nice attacks – where the accused Mohammed Bouhlel was suspected to have borrowed his motivation from social media outlets – may have speeded the process.

As Twitter struggles to seal the loopholes its platform seems to provide, it is yet to be seen how many will be willing to submit their verification details.

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