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On August 2nd 2016, Xbox one S will be released to the public. This is the newest gaming system out on the market. It is slimmer, sleeker, and sharper than the last model. Xbox One S has up to 2TB of memory, 4kUltra HD, HDR,40% smaller, porous, and is set for the retail price of $399 for 2TB, 1TB $349, 500GB $299.


This is the most advanced Xbox ever on the market. With the HDR10, it brings your gaming experience to life.

The colors and contrast are so rich that it gives real depth to your experience.Streaming on this system will give you the most realistic picture with the 4k Ultra HD. This is one of the most clear crisp displays ever on a console.Another feature of the Xbox One S is the IR Blaster. Your Xbox One S can turn on other devices such as the TV, audio/video receiver, and cable/satellite receiver. You can say goodbye to your remotes.

The new Wireless Controller is sleeker with a textured grip, with twice the wireless range. You also have Bluetooth technology which allows you to play games on your other devices such as tablets, phones, and on Windows 10.With the 2TB Xbox One S, you receive a vertical stand so your Xbox can stand vertically and fit in most places. However, the Kinect sensor port has been eliminated. If you want to use Kinect you'll need a USB adapter.

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Video Game Tech

If you already own the Kinect, rumor is Microsoft is offering a free adapter.While the HDR is amazing, not all games will benefit from this upgrade. One game that is reaping in the new upgrade is 'Gears of War 4.'

With the reviews from customers on the new Xbox One S, the cons are that there is no Kinect.The pros are that it is offered at the same price, it has good HDR and 4k streaming, and the design is well improved.The Xbox One S is a nice model of Xbox but if you are really wanting to upgrade from your Xbox One, in 2017 Microsoft is releasing Project Scorpio.

This console will be offering a high upgrade of six teraflops of graphical performance, instead of about 1 teraflop that the Xbox One has now.

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