During the first quarter of this year, Samsung released the S7 and S7 Edge. The two devices boasted more than impressive specifications to say the least. Now that summer is here, look for the smartphone war to heat up as we prepare for next year's smartphone releases.

Samsung S8

The rumor mill has already begun to increase, as we take a look at what could be the Samsung S8 and S8 Edge. Though we are talking six to seven months from now, it is always fun to speculate. The question is, what can we expect to see in 2017 from the S8 and possible S8 Edge? Well, one thing we could see is a dual-display.

Yes, that's right, a dual display. I can already see the tech-community salivating with confusion and excitement. So, what does that exactly mean? We are still over-joyed at the massive improvements with the S7 and S7 Edge evolving from the S6. Now internet rumors are buzzing more and this seems to be somewhat of a solid lead.

Rumor clarification

Now as always with rumors, you must take it with a grain of salt. There could be truth and falsity, because the idea of this device is still a working concept. It appears already that Samsung has begun to submit designs for the new phone. It also has been noted that a patent has been filed from a previously developed smartphone. This potential new dual-display looks to be aimed towards business executives and professionals.

The design would include a case book with two thin-displays and a seam between them that would connect the device. So ultimately what you would be getting is a phone with two literal screens, kind of like a small notebook.


Now, I know what you may be thinking; if I wanted a notebook-style phone I would buy a SamsungNote.

Well think about it from this perspective. What you would possibly be getting is a high-octane, high-performance phone with more power and capability than ever before. You would be able to do twice as much then before with this type of device. One possible feature would be the ability to work on one screen and watch YouTube on the other screen.

How about for you texters, just imagine being in a conference call at the same time sending a text, or an email? What if you had the capability of Skyping and working on this device? There are so many potential capabilities, that the sky is the limit.

Overall conclusions

While these are just rumors at this time, one can only wonder what potential concepts are brewing? As a Samsung S7 Edge owner and hardcore techie, I am ready for what the future and Samsung are going to bring in 2017 with Samsung S8 and S8 Edge. Til then all we can do is keep our "Tech Ears" glued to the rumor mill door and hope that the next rumor coming is a solid fact.

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