A limited stock of the new PlayStation VR units sold out "within minutes" after GameStop made them available at 7 AM PT today.

A promising start

The technology involved in improving Video Games has been making rapid strides over the past decade, but nothing compares to the giant leap that gamers are about to make thanks to Virtual Reality technology. Playstation looks to become the first gaming giant to capitalize on this idea with the launch of PlayStation VR.

Their tie-up with GameStop to launch a limited stock of the VR bundle was extremely successful as the headsets were quickly snagged by avid gamers.

Although the company is yet to launch a full series of games that support VR technology, a few choice titles such as Batman: Arkham VR and Farpoint are sure to hold gamers off during the beta phase.

Landmark technology.

Although the concept of Virtual Reality has been floating around for sometime now with brands such asOculus Rift already offering its product on preorder, the application and quality of the technology is still heavily in question.Sony has been looking to take its time with the launch of VR, pushing back the release date to as far as October 13th, 2016.

Apart from assuring their customers about the quality of the VR headsets itself,Sony will also have to release an enticing set of games to go with the advanced new platform.

The virtual market awaits.

One minor advantage that Playstation will possess over its competition is the readily available market that is already equipped with the base technology needed to use the VR. While other manufacturers will have to rely on consumers purchasing fully-loaded systems to support their VR, Playstation can count on the millions of consumers who already own the PS4.

The launch bundle was priced at 500 dollars and according to a Sony representative, no more units will be going on preorder until the gear is fully launched in October. A few more months doesn't seem like too much of a wait, especially if you consider the fascinating possibilities that will soon be unlocked for serious gamers around the world.

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