It’s no secret that Niantic Labs, maker of the mobile gaming megahit Pokémon GO, doesn’t like third-party websites that serve as virtual cheat codes for the game’s players. These websites allow gamers to see virtual Pokémon in plain view, making it a gimme for them to catch the creatures and add them to their roster. Now it looks like one of the most popular of these websites – Pokévision – has just been shut down.


Pokévision makers confirm their site is gone

Over the weekend, several third-party Pokémon Go helper sites shut down, and users of the website Pokévision were surprised to see earlier today that the site was down, with a message simply reading “Our services are currently unavailable – please visit our Twitter for updates.” That’s what many users did following the outage, only for them to be greeted by even more bad news – an indirect, yet official confirmation that the website was indeed down for the immediate foreseeable future.


“Hey guys. We wish we had some news for you,” read a tweet from the Pokévision Twitter account. “At this moment we are respecting Niantic and Nintendo’s wishes. Will keep you posted.”

During the short time it was available, Pokévision allowed users to see the exact Pokémon in their vicinity, or in any location they wished to hunt for the creatures. It also provided information on how long the Pokémon would likely be in a given area, which removed a lot of the guesswork and waiting involved in Pokémon Go. And while it may seem like Niantic and Nintendo are getting tough on third-party sites to ensure the game remains challenging, intense burden on Niantic's servers has been cited as the main reason behind the ongoing moves.

Pokémon Go update removes footstep tracking feature

Meanwhile, Niantic Labs had a treat for Pokémon Go players, as it released this weekend a large-scale update for the Android and iOS versions of the game. The update did add some welcome features, such as the ability to re-customize characters and prevent accidental transfers of Pokémon. However, many gamers were shocked to discover that the so-called “three-footstep bug” was not a bug after all, but the precursor to the removal of a key feature.

Prior to the update, players were able to show one-and two-footstep indicators when hunting for Pokémon; the “bug” had players seeing three-footstep indicators instead. But it looks like Niantic has totally removed footstep tracking, and made it harder for most players to accurately track down any given Pokémon.

Once again, it looks like server strain is the driving factor behind Niantic's decision to remove one of the most useful Pokémon GO features.


And while that may be well and good in a way, considering the countless server outages since the game's launch, gamer reaction to the removal has not been good at all, as many players have taken to the Internet to complain about the end of footstep tracking as a useful tool for hunting Pokémon.

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