There is no game more popular in the United States right now than Pokémon GO. The trend has people everywhere walking around towns and cities trying to catch them all. The game is most popular with young adults and children, who remain glued to their phone while looking for Pokémon. Some adults play, but a lot are struggling to understandwhy exactly the game is so popular. Here’s an explanation of the basic gameplay.

Downloading the App

Pokémon Go is absolutely free and is available for download on both Androids and iPhones. When a player starts the game, one of the three Pokémon starters will appear.

The introduction features a player tossing a virtual ball at a Pokémon on his phonescreen. Once the player has caught his starter, he can continue to look for other Pokémon.


Those Pokémon are not limited tojust one area. To catch them all, the player needs to move around to areas where theyare are likely to appear. Those areas are usually highly populated and include Pokéstops. These are points of interest in real life, such as a churches, restaurants, or memorials. Players who reach the Pokéstop can acquire items like Pokéballs, eggs, potions, and revives. Those items are necessary to catch and receive more Pokémon. Potions and revives can be used in gym battles to heal Pokémon who have been hurt.


In the game, players have an opportunity to receive eggs when they pass by a Pokéstop. The player then places those eggs in an incubator. To hatch them, the player needs to walk for a specified number of kilometers. The Pokémon that come out of the eggs are rarer when the distance is greater. The most rare Pokémon require players to walk for at least ten kilometers.

To hatch the eggs, players are required towalk. Driving does not work unless the player moves very slowly.


Once the player reaches level 5, he will have to join one of three teams (blue, red, yellow). In the game, gyms are also located at points of interest. Once there, players have an opportunity to battle the gym and take it over for their team.

Only the strongest Pokémon will be able to effectively challenge gyms, so it is important to train up your Pokémon to be as strong as possible. Once a player has taken over a gym, he receives experience for as long as his team is able to hold the gym.


Players level up by catching and evolving Pokémon. The more creatures a player catches, the more experience he gains. Players gain extra experience for capturing a Pokémon that they have never caught before. To evolve them, players use candy received from each catch. Once players have enough candy, they can choose to evolve into a more powerful form. Certain types of Pokémon are more common than others, which means it will be easier to attain the higher evolutions of common Pokémon.

Strong Pokémon

To get the strongest versions, players should strive to attain the highest evolution possible. This often requires a large number of candies, but it’s worth it for the stronger evolution. A Pokémon’s strength is represented by CP, which can be upgraded by evolution or stardust. The higher the CP, the better the Pokémon is and the better the player can do once he enters the gyms. Those CP points are usually the main determining factor when gyms are challenged.

What’s the point?

There is no end to Pokémon Go. It’s simply an adventure for the player who is trying to catch as many different Pokémon as possible. To do so, players need to travel to many different places to catch as many as they can.

There might not be an end goal, but the adventure is fun enough that it doesn’t really matter. And people everywhere are spending entire days with their friends walking around to find the rarest Pokémon possible.

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