PokéDates for Pokémon GO players? It's only been two weeks since Pokémon GO was launched on July 6 and it's changing the way people experience their city. Perhaps it can change the way they go on dates too – at least that's the idea behind a new app add-on called PokéDates has been launched to help Pokémon GO players find dating partners while they're out on the hunt.

Getting out with 'Pokémon GO'

Nintendo first unleashed the legendary "Pocket Monsters" on the world some 17 years ago, and the company has seen some ups and downs since then. The recent launch of Pokémon GO, however, has been a huge success.

The augmented reality game developed by San Francisco based Niantic comes as a mobile phone app for Android or iOS devices.

Easily downloaded and free to use, it augments the view of reality onscreen with the addition of Pokémon animations. In a nutshell, players then collect Pokémon of various kinds to advance through the game. From reports in Wired Magazine of everything from a swarming in Central Park for a rare Pokémon spawning to the shocking death of a Guatemalan teen, it's clear that Pokémon GO is a trending sensation that extends well beyond the gaming world.


According to a piece in The Huffington Post, PokéDates takes the social aspects of the game a step farther by letting gamers arrange to meet up with other single Pokémon GO players at a designated "PokéStop" or "PokéGym." Paired together, players explore the city on a date as they collect Pikachus, Vaporeons and other Pokémon.

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According to Fortune Magazine, prospective dates are matched together by specialists at Pokédates, and not at random. PokéDates sets up the entire outing, including juggling the schedules of both parties, matching them based on their preferences, and selecting a meeting point that is convenient for both. The service sends an email confirmation of the details and then the rest is up to the gamers. The first date is free, with each subsequent date costing $20 USD.

The PokéDates app was launched by a company called Project Fixup, an offline dating service based in Chicago, and is designed for use with Pokémon Go.