Nintendo has not yet shared any official details regarding their upcoming platform – codenamed Nintendo NX, but a new report by the Wall Street Journal suggests that mobile titles developed or published by Nintendo may be playable on the new device. One title is Pokémon Go.

When Nintendo announced their entry to the mobile game space, many wondered how the company would approach software releases.

Thus far, the company has only released on app on Android and iOS platforms – this being the social application Miitomo.

However, future games installments to popular franchises like Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are scheduled to launch on Android and iOS during in late 2016.

Pokémon Go on Nintendo NX

Niantic’s Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm, and has quickly found itself among the most popular game downloads in the mobile industry. Due to the Wall Street Journal report suggesting that Nintendo mobile titles may be playable on NX, it has fueled rumors that one of such title that may be playable on the device could be Pokémon Go.

Early reports indicate that the NX is a handheld device – meaning that it is portable and a title like Pokémon Go would work well on the device.

Nintendo NX Goes Mobile

Of course, for the game to work on this handheld, it would require a GPS to track location and movement of the player. Many tablets have GPS installed, so having a portable game machine equipped with GPS isn’t out of the question. Along with Go, the Nintendo handheld will also be compatible with other mobile releases – so Miitomo, Fire Emblem, and Animal Crossing could also see release.

Beyond the currently announced titles, the company does intend to release more franchises and games on mobile platforms. Their reasoning is to get folks engaged and familiar with Nintendo again, and use that to motivate people to purchase Nintendo hardware and software in the future.

The company is expected to officially reveal details for NX at a conference in September, but no exact date has been announced as of this time.

The handheld will launch in March 2017.

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