Modobag is the world’s first travel idea that also services as a quick motor ride. The smart luggage features a built-in motor, steering handles, paddles, and soft seating system that simply pop out of its main body convert into a mini motorbike.

Significant features

  • Telescopic Handlebars conveniently extrude out of its front to rise as high where owners can steer themselves.
  • An electronic panel includes two 5V 3.1A USB charging ports for recharging your smartphones and other devices. A digital display shows remaining power in its powerful and long lasting battery to haul the weight of the bag along with its owners.
  • A maximum speed of up to 8 mph, which is 3 times faster than average walking speed.
  • Weighing only 19 lbs, Modobag is approved by TSA and FAA so it will also get past airport security checks and luggage weight limits.
  • Quick stow compartments including acrush-proof pocket for laptops.

There are also a variety of safety and convenience features that make it a loyal Travel companion.

Charging on the move

The latest Modobag can provide a reliable power source to charge devices like 8-inch Tablets, iPhone 5 and many other USB devices that use 1.5A and 3A chargers. The project developers claim it is perfectly compatible TSA, FAA, and ITA regulations and regulations.

Comfortable travelling

Convenient travelling is served with YKK zippers that shed some load on the bag and also zip up very easily without getting stuck. On a full charge that takes merely 3 hours, Its 200-watt batteries can push a 77kg or 170lb rider up to the distance of 8 miles. However, a maximum 260-pound weight limit applies for it to function properly.

Modobag safety features

The smart travel bag’s cable break are mostly enough to decelerate the riders quickly, but in emergencies, they can also use their feet.

The wheels are borrowed from manufacturers that supply wheels to the likes of roller blade and skateboard makers, which suggests toughness. Its Lithium Ferrum Phosphate batteries are as safe as it can get and meet the UN Transportation Testing standards. Modobag’s body is made up of ABS plastic for extended durability.

How to convert Modobag into a motorbike?

Simply pull out its telescopic handlebars, release the foot pegs, put your feet on them and turn on the power button located on the electronic panel (dashboard). The handles also offer brakes and speed adjustment.The project is currently awaiting funding on Indiegogo, but interested buyers can pre-order Modobag for $995 with shipping expected from January 2017.

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