One small step for Apple, one giant leap for millennial mankind. 

When the first man landed on the moon it was a historic 'one giant leap for humanity' kind of moment. But nobody cares about that anymore. It's the millennial times. All it cares about is how its iPhones have longer battery life, a 'giant' storage (a minimum of 64gb memory given the millennial usage nowadays) and that Apple should make a 'bullet proof', anti-wrecking ball, anti-hammer-blow and anti-anything-cracking that would prevent its iPhone screen from cracking. An iPhone is God.  Life without a Smartphone is not possible anymore. The uploads and the downloads is what keeps the millennials going.


What is taking Apple so long with the 'life hack'?

Apple has been using its cheapest iPhone range as bait to lure customers to buy its mid-range model. It became a fact well known to the millennial mankind that 16 GB of storage just wont' do anymore. Apple has to deliver this time around and save itself from the wrath of the digital age. If only Apple had taken its time in launching its models as slowly as it has been upgrading the smartphone storage memory, things would've been so different. 

What do the millennials expect from the iPhone7?

I interviewed Charlie, a typical American teenager, who represents the millennial digital age, about her expectations from the yet-to-be-released iPhone7?

The following points is what we both agreed upon (I have elaborated further on these points) :  

  • 64 GB storage to begin with.
  • Long lasting battery life.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Anti-crack resistance screen.
  • Be able to delete unwanted built-in apps. 

The Millennial girl.

Long lasting battery life.

The most important thing for the non-millennial human kind is the longer-lasting battery life.

Top Videos of the Day

I hope iPhone7 will last for one whole day. If Apple (or any smartphone company) fix this big problem and come out with a 'life hack' of some sort then it's all good. Even the millennials would be happy.

Anti-crack screen.

The most important 'iPhone-hack' for the millennials is a built-in 'for all seasons' anti-crack screen. I have seen my sister Charlie, a true millennial, having an iPhone-only cracked-screen smartphone collection. Yes, a collection. I'm talking about iPhones with cracked-screens starting from the humble iPhone 4 right up to iPhone 6 (she 's even got a special pen-holder like bag for it!). It's not that she's clumsy or something. It's simply (in their own IRL BFF WTF OMG Pokemon Go terms)...because. Just 'because' she belongs to the new kind, the modern-digital kind - the millennial kind. 

Charlie's smashed-screen iPhone collection.

32GB storage.

The third 'can live with it' kind of important thing is the realistic 32 GB storage memory. In July 2016 times, you can't buy an iPhone with the starter 16 GB of memory and expect to function in life.

The seemingly never-ending collection of Selfies (and other photos) and videos and all those apps (especially now that we have Pokemon Go in the gaming scene), you're out of room within (in IRL terms) few days let alone a week. Apple has got to give in to the RL needs and provide iPhone7 (and other upcoming models) with a realistic 64 GB starter memory. 

Wireless charging.

If only while walking about town or anywhere and, somehow by god's will or human kindness - solar, digital or whatever scientific way, our iPhones is charged automatically (Tip: Pokemon Go inventors could've given the charge-as-you-play bit a serious thought). How many times you have gone to a store and (in dire situations like when you don't want to miss reading the new comment or see the new like on your selfie) into someone's house to charge your dying phone?

Useless built-in apps.

 Apps like Game Center, iBooks, Calculator, Wallet, Calendar and Clock (go, who uses Clock!) are totally useless. Do we really need it? I don't. I hope iPhone7 comes with a built-in 'iPhone hacks' so we can all live in our Zootopia-like world in  digital peace and have our mechanical dreams.