After announcing that the next installment of the The Professor Layton series would not star the title character, Level 5 is introducing a new protagonist to the series. The newest installment, Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone's Conspiracy, will star the aforementioned Lady Layton; daughter of Hershal.

Who is Professor Layton?

For the uninitiated, the Professor Layton series is a puzzle adventure franchise that's been describedby critics as "a logical opera." How they usuallywork is that players take on the role of the Professor and his collegues as they try to solve mysteries that reveal hidden secrets.

Gameplay consists of players walking around a town or village, discovering an object or person, and then saying something along the lines of "Say that [object or person here] reminds me of a puzzle I know." Players are then tasked with solving the aforementioned puzzle to progress through the story.

Who's that lady?

Kat, short for Katrielle, will take on the mantel ofProfessor Layton. Just like her father, she'll embark onmysteries and solve crimes. The trailer is currently in Japanese and has not been translated, so the plot and names of secondary characters are still unknown. It is also unknown if secondary characters such as Luke, Flora, or Emmy will make a cameo or significant appearance in this installment.

Other members of the Clan

A few years ago, another game detailed the exploits of one of Hershal's kin.

That game was Layton Brothers: Mystery Room for iOS and it starred Lucy Baker and Alfendi Layton. Unlike other entries in the series, it was a Pheonix Wright-esque investigation game where players looked at crime scenes of murders and interrogated suspects. Being a murder investigation series, it also had a larger emphasis on violence and a much darker tone than the previousLayton installments.

It's unknown if the characters of this series will intertwine with Lady Layton or be retconned.

When is the release?

Level 5 has made a statement that Lady Layton is slated to release in American territories for the Nintendo 3DS and ios devices sometime next year.

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