iOS jailbreaking tools may not be for everyone, but iPhone owners who can cheat their way to getting apps will most likely grab it. That includes potentially placing their smartphones at risk and voiding the warranty with Apple.

The next big update from the Cupertino company will be the iOS 10 which is expected to come out in the fall. Beta versions of iOS 10 have come out as Apple resorts to an unorthodox way to determine if their next operating system can continue to fend off the jailbreaking intent normally tied to hacker groups like Pangu or TaiG.


Thus far, Apple has successfully fended off the threats. The last jailbreak came when iOS 9.3.1 was around. Since then, no credible jailbreak has come out in the open.

No iOS 9.3.2 or 9.3.3 jailbreak in sight

With iOS 10 still unofficially out, the focus right now is on the 9.3.2. A jailbreak for it may no longer be feasible especially once Apple releases 9.3.3.

Should an iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak come out, some users could opt to hold off applying 9.3.3 on their phones for the meantime. All that changes once iOS 10 officially rolls out, though the decision will still fall at the hands of the iPhone owner.

Why not an iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak? That could also be possible but like the iOS 9.3.2, nothing has come out in the open.

Hacker group claims iOS 10 Jailbreak success

Pangu did show off an iOS 10 jailbreak at MOSFET 2016 through a slide presentation. Screen shots were shown of Cydia (the jailbreaking community’s version of the App Store) running on the beta version of the upcoming Apple OS. While that is a big development, remember that all of it was done on the 10 beta version.

This means that until the final version of iOS 10 comes out, Apple has time to patch and address the crack. The next iOS is expected to come out in September alongside the iPhone 7.

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So in a manner of speaking, Apple is playing the cat and mouse game with hacker groups and the operating system is technically the ‘cheese’.

There have been individuals who have shown that they were able to jailbreak iOS 10. One example is a iH8sn0w who showed it all off on video. While that seems like a breakthrough, the fact remains that his achievement did not go public, meaning it is technically a hoax. The video of his breakthrough can be seen below.

Other individual hackers have claimed to do the same, but no one has dared to put up their cracks in the open.

They could be looking out for their safety or simply trying to pull one and cause more mischief.

As far as the iOS 10 is concerned, it remains to be seen if a jailbreak comes out thereafter. The final version is expected to be different and patched by September. As for a follow-up jailbreak iOS 9.3.1, Apple is still one up over them.