Everyone has always thought about "what if we didn't have to drive our cars, but instead they drove themselves?" This thought is now becoming a reality slowly. Tesla and Google are two companies that have taken it upon themselves to design the technology for an Autonomous car. They believe that having such technology makes the streets safer. When these cars enter an intersection, with no lights present that humans respond to, these cars will be responding to a sensor that a few countries are still figuring out. What is certain is that with a specific algorithm cars can pass through intersections double of what they do now and traffic jams will be solved.  

What happens when you have people in a driverless car?

Once a group of testers for Google got into a modified Lexus SUV, they were ready for the vehicle to be in charge after five minutes.

They were quickly at ease to play with their phones, go through their belongings, and to relax while driving at the speed of 60mph. After seeing how people ignored the instructions to pay attention to the road, Google has decided to make sure the technology is human proof. As of now, Google is only letting their experienced testers test the technology.

While, Tesla has released a special feature in its software update called "Autopilot". Billionaire electric carmaker Elon Musk says that people who participate in the "public beta phase" will help make the roads safer sooner. Google however, (after 7 years of development and 1.5 million test miles) still hasn't brought its technology to the public due to the fact that software crashes and these self-driving cars put it at a higher risk.  

Can we trust Autonomous Cars?

With the death of Joshua Brown in May, it raised a lot of suspicion of driver-less cars.

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While a death from an Autonomous car is quite scary, roughly 90 people die everyday from car accidents by human drivers. Experts agree that this new technology has the potential to be by far safer than human drivers. This technology can prevent dangerous crashes that have killed thousands, but no it cannot prevent every crash.

We have been using Autonomous type technology for some time now. Some of these technologies are lane-keeping assistance, parking assistance, and active cruise control. Soon we will feel at ease to use driver-less cars. This is what Google and Tesla are working towards. No matter what we do, there is always risk. But this technology will help prevent the mistakes that humans make while driving.