You've probably heard of Pokemon Go, the most popular app at the moment. Pokemon Go requires you to catch Pokemon in real life by walking around outside and capturing them via your smartphone. While there has been a debate about the positive and negative effects of the game, celebrities are not immune to the obsession.A humorous papparazzi photo has leaked of rapper Tyga seemingly ignoring his socialite girlfriend Kylie Jenner to play the game, which is visible on his phone.

Celeb Tweets

Musician John Mayer tweeted out that he spent $99.99 of real money to buy 14,500 "PokeCoins" to use in the app.While the game is free, extra incentives can be purchased to give players a leg-up in the game.

Mayer is obviously dedicated to playing this game.

Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show,tweeted out the funny quote "'No ma'am, I was not taking video of your child, I came to this park to catch Pokemon.' #PokemonGO," referencing that you have to hold your phone up to catch Pokemon. Model Chrissy Teigan, also known as wife of famous singer John Legend, also tweeted a joke post where she posted a screencap of the game asking for her birthdate. "Ok well this is already mean," she tweeted.

Nick Jonas tweeted"Demi just seriously said out loud...'There's no ****** Pokemon here?' #thisisoutofhand" in reference to his current tourmate, singer Demi Lovato, who apparently plays the game as well. Nick's brothers, Kevin and Joe, have also spoken out about the game.

""Rumor has it Mew2 is at Area 51...Road trip anyone? #PokemonGO" Joe tweeted about finding the rare Pokemon Mewtwo, who has managed to evade many a player. "Think they put Pokemon at Everest base camp?" Kevin also tweeted.

Lastly, rapper Wiz Khalifa tweeted out the paranoid statement: "I feel like there's Pokemon all around me and I just don't know it." This may very well be true as Pokemon tend to appear in the most random of places.

The goal of the game is to catch all the Pokemon that exists, and it has clearly become an instant hit among all types of celebrities.

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