In 1983, Chuck Hull invented the SLA machine, the world's first device capable of printing in 3D. From humble beginnings came an international phenomenon, and thirty years later, we are being treated to marvelous advances in technology. I'm sure you've heard of 3D printing, but in case you and Marty McFly just stepped out of a DeLorean, let me fill you in. 3D printing is taking a digital model and using a machine to create a physical version by layering thin slices of material together. It has been used to make some ridiculously cool stuff. “What kind of stuff,” you ask? Well, here's a list of five extraordinary things that you can do with 3D printing.


Are you a modern, affluent humanoid who loves drinks as much as you love showing up your friends? If so, BarMixvah is right for you! The BarMixvah machine is controlled directly through your computer. It comes with a user interface that allows you to select whatever drink you want, in whatever size, and have it made right in front of you by your very own robotic bartender. Their website claims that it isn't magic, but we don't believe them.

Models of your kids drawings

Have any scribbled etchings shamelessly displayed on your refrigerator? Of course you do. Anything your children draw for you is precious, right?. If you really think so, why not dole out some serious change and buy a 3D rendition of your future Picasso's best work? You will love it; your kids will love it; and your friends will probably just wonder why you spent that much money.

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Drones have been a hot topic lately, but regardless of how you feel about them, this is pretty awe inspiring. The University of Virginia has introduced “The Razor,” a fully-functional drone that can be printed from anywhere. It has a carrying capacity of one and a half pounds, and is currently being used by the Department of Defense. Not only does it cost less than $2,000 to manufacture, but it also uses the same software found in Android phones.


Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that just didn't seem to fit right? Did they give you blisters, pinch your toes, or squeak from time to time? Soon, those problems will be a thing of the past. Nike plans to start custom making shoes in the store. A computer will measure your feet and make your shoes for you, in house. Finally, you will never have to be disappointed that they don't carry the new Kobe's in your size.


Did you think the other things on the list were great? Well, good! They were. This, however, takes the cake! Thanks to the wonderful people at Foodini, there is a 3D printer that will make food for you. It works in a similar way as BarMixvah, yet it seems so much more revolutionary. Thankfully, if you can afford one of these things, you'll never suffer through a poorly made meal at home again.