Hackers are not necessarily breaking bank accounts or classified information

A 19-year-old man demonstrated that being a hacker doesn’t necessary mean breaking into bank accounts and stealing confidential information. You can be one of the “good guys” and still earn some great amounts through legal activity.

This is the story of Alex Coltuneac, a Romanian who impressed the journalists of the American IT website Wired. Alex is a student at Babes-Bolyai University, first year, who lately occupied his free time trying to find vulnerabilities of the YouTube Live function, the program by which you can make live transmissions on the video platform withheld by Google.

In fact, the young man makes a living from these activities. He discovers security holes in IT giants’ products, he reports them to the companies and he is rewarded.

The amounts are not small and they can easily reach thousands of euros for one single discovered problem. Up until now, Alex Coltuneac received rewards from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Adobe, Yahoo, eBay, and PayPal for his activities.The IT giants are encouraging users with compensations to find such vulnerabilities so that the flaws are not discovered by cybernetic criminals.

Thanks to this, the 19-year old-Romanian is currently making a living out of it.

How did he discover his passion for computers?

Coltuneac learned how to use a computer at the age of 6. Afterwards, he became passionate about programming during high school and at the age of 15 he discovered the compensation programs offered by the IT giants. Since that moment, he started “digging” for such IT companies in order to be paid for his skills.

Alex stated that the money he earns by doing these activities is enough for him to pay his studies and have a normal decent life. He declared that there is no excuse for breaking the law, not even online.Google was the first company to pay him for his talents and currently Coltuneac is mainly monitoring the IT giant from Cupertino, California.The young man is now using his talent to found the reputation that his state and other regions have regarding IT knowledge.

According to Wired, most of the hackers that receive compensations from IT giants due to their talents are from Eastern Europe.

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