What's the beat?

Smash, thump, crack is all I hear after every K-sec officer I take down throughout the City of Glass. Mirror’s Edge Catalystis a new origin story about the female lead protagonist; Faith Connor's.

The original Mirror’s Edge was released back in 2008 on the xbox 360. Following Faith the free runner across a technological city. It felt somewhat linear; so the team at EA Dicedecided to go back to the drawing board. You may say that Catalyst is a sequel; actually it is not and is a brand new beginning for the acclaimed series.

Faith Connor's has recently been spending her time in prison (lock-up).

Faith took the blame for killing a k-sec police officer; two decades have passed since this event and now Faith is a free person, conditionally released and once again is ready to stir up problems. It is not just Faith's past that haunts her -- there is more to why she runs. The city of Glass is run by Conglomerates and the evil ruler Gabriel Kruger.

Social Play

Catalyst allows the community to share their game stats and also time trial scores within the game world. Players (Runners) can also check on other runners in the world using the companion app. Other runners in the world are represented as an echo; your own echo can be used to hack billboards within the City of Glass.

Doing time trials can be a runner's nightmare; it also can be a great way to create your own time trial for the community to have a chance at beating your score.

There are many different ways to beat a time trial within the city; you don't need to go down one path, all you can do is use the environment and follow the red line which acts as the runners vision.

Sound of Glass

Mirror's Edge has been known for its soundtrack, and the ambiance score has once again been created by Solar Fields.

It's not just the soundtrack that has taken a surprise turn, every punch, slide, and spring can be heard brilliantly throughout the game.

A new theme song for Catalyst has been released by a band called CHVRCHES and gives incite into Faith's world.

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